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There Are Many Rooms, a series of enhanced photographic images  each  cm x cm 

I have used the gentle transparent or opaque qualities of draped fabric to suggest a spiritual architecture, an inner space that one might choose to associate with the psyche or soul. I liked the idea that materiality is thrown into question. One might suggest that the psyche or soul finds its boundaries within the physical body and yet one cannot physically or in any other way set the boundaries of the soul. Just as Helen Mills in a paper The Veiled Body: Conventual Architecture as Metaphor comments on the relationship between drapery and carved stone, there is a relationship in my work between stone, drapery and paint, playing with the various qualities of these materials to create an ethereal quality to this illusion of space and its ambiguous materiality.


The space is still and silent, a sacred place of reverence to the human spirit. Whilst it is an enclosed space, the possibilities of moving beyond the soft boundaries of the drapes are offered just as ones thoughts are unrestricted by the physical boundaries of the body; this metaphor for the spiritual within the physical. Any hint of an other space one might identify or connect with is reduced to a mere suggestion, a rather bland and seedy place that is covered or hidden and which is of lesser importance perhaps, or of a lower order than that of the draped ethereality one first encounters. This place beyond is barred, yet the delicate flexibility of the folds of drapery suggest the possibility of movement through their arches, but then the architecture reminds one of stone and we can go no further through this place of intimacy, a solitary place of contemplation and imagination.

Undercroft  1, enhanced photographic image, cm x cm 

Undercroft 2, enhanced photographic image, cm x cm

Undercroft 3, enhanced photographic image cm x cm

Undercroft 4 & 5, enhanced photographic images, cm x cm

Beings 1,2,3,4, enhanced photographic images
Beings, 5, 6, 7, enhanced photographic images
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