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The Garden Studio

Thoughts on an artist's studio                                                                                                                 


An artists studio is creative space where ones experience of the world is transformed and eventually given back to it in the form of art.

Everything in it is dedicated to the act of making of art and the practical, intellectual and intuitive processes that are pursued in the possibility and potential of making art.

It is ones own space where creativity is priority. It is a space where all emotions are experienced in the struggle and process of producing a work of art.

It is a space where the fool, the artist, can flourish, make bold statements or hide away in their own thoughts where artistic expression is pursued.

It is a space where nothing has to make sense according to the general population. It is often muddled and messy but retains a perfect order to the artist.

It is familiar yet adventurous, freedom, yet binding and obsessive.

It is a visceral, alchemical sanctuary that surpasses a sense time and history.

It belongs to the void maybe, if it is viewed as the place of the soul. A place where the inner self is explored. A space with no boundaries except the physical ones.

It is often part of a larger space that has been rejected or disused by society, on the edge. A place that today often has renewal and investment following in the final death of the building fabric. Artist studios revive areas, breathe soulful life in places that have degraded and lost their attraction to the local population.

Creativity is a valuable commodity that artists have in abundance and working space for us is essential to society.

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